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PUBG New State App Store | iOS Version Release Details

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PUBG New State is a sequel to PUBG Mobile, the most iconic “Battle Royale” in the video game industry and a real milestone in the Android game. The game promises to stay true to the original spirit, while offering new settings, more game modes, interconnected settings and better graphics. In short, PUBG: New State is the modernized, and more realistic version to PUBG Mobile, and share the similarities with the PC version of the game that is PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds in terms of graphics. Although, the game has been released as an “Alpha Test” for the selected users on Android platform, the PUBG New State App Store version for iOS devices still awaits any official confirmation regarding the release date.

The first change PUBG has seen in the new state is its adjustment. The game takes you to the near future, especially to 2051, with the world on the verge of disintegration, where different factions have to fight for resources. This new background will be important not only for storytelling, but also for you directly on the battlefield. This means that you can use all offensive futuristic technologies, such as direct attack drones, new cars and portable barricades.

PUBG New State App Store iOS Version | Pre-registration

PUBG New State iOS

The PUBG New State Alpha Test Selection Status has been released, and most of the PUBG Mobile fans who have been waiting for the release of PUBG New State Alpha Test version already got the access to the futuristic game, and the latest offering by KRAFTON. The game is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android users, but when we try to access the PUBG New State App Store version on the official website of the game, we get a notice stating, “iOS pre-order will open soon.”

This only means one thing, that PUBG New State App Store version for iOS users is being worked upon by the developers of the game, and might be released sooner or later. Additionally, you can check the PUBG New State official website – for any other information about the game.

PUBG New State Game Features

PUBG New State comes loaded with a ton of new features that has never been seen before in any mobile Battle Royale game. Some of the exciting new features of PUBG Mobile New State are mentioned below.

  • Ultra-realistic graphics beyond the boundaries of mobile gaming.
  • PUBG: Global Lighting Technology makes PUBG New State game superior to any other Battle Royale game on mobile platform in terms of graphics.
  • A large-scale, open-world battlefield with a level of realism can be experienced in the PUBG Mobile New State game.
  • PUBG: NEW STATE defines next-generation PUBG graphics on mobile devices.
  • More realistic and dynamic weapons.
  • Fully optimized for the mobile environment.
  • The next generation is an interactive game based on movement.
  • Unique mechanics embedded in PUBG: NEW STATE.
  • Use new cars available on the never-ending 8×8 for fast movement through the open world.
  • Decades after the original PUBG, new factions emerged in the future year 2051, witness the change.
  • PUBG New State is the only mobile successor to the original PC version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).


As the whole PUBG Community awaits the launch of the final version of PUBG New State, the iOS Version the the game has not been released yet, not even for the pre-registration. Although, whenever PUBG New State App Store version will be released, all the PUBG fans on iOS devices will be notified about the same through official channels, including the social media handles of PUBG New State.

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