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PUBG Mobile Might Get Banned in Bangladesh For This Reason, Soon

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PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle Royale games on the mobile platform where a group of people or squad can play together. PUBG Mobile is among the greatest battle royale games ever made, and its success all around the globe is not unknown. Since its launch, the game has attracted mixed opinions from people around the world, some love this game, while others do not. Even PUBG Mobile is banned in some nations where it has been a huge success including India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Now, there have been a few reports suggesting that PUBG Mobile may be banned in Bangladesh in the coming day. Let us discuss whether Bangladesh PUBG Mobile Ban is really going to get happen or this is just a hoax.

Is PUBG Mobile Going To Be Banned in Bangladesh?

PUBG Mobile Ban in Bangladesh, PUBG Mobile Bangladesh, PUBG Mobile Might Get Banned in Bangladesh, PUBG Mobile Bangladesh Ban, Bangladesh Ban PUBG Mobile, Bangladesh PUBG Ban

Violence is the word that often is used to describe the battle royale games, not just PUBG Mobile. The Battle Royale genre is something that is needed to be understood properly, and those who fail to, call Battle Royale madness. And, due to this reason popular battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, and Garena Free Fire, are often termed violent in nature, and not safe for the youths. “PUBG Mobile is violent in nature” is the reason for which the Bangladeshi Government might ban PUBG Mobile in Bangladesh. According to a daily tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh, Daily Manab Zamin, the Government of Bangladesh is considering the option to ban PUBG Mobile in the country, due to their highly addictive, and violent nature. According to them, if the kids, and youth play games like this, then they will become violent too.

But, there are several studies proving that watching, or playing anything violent would not make a person violent in real life. And, giving such a meaningless and unproven reason to ban any game, is simply baseless. But, this is just the fact, and nothing can be done if the central government of any country bans a game, it is over, and you have to accept the decision and move on.

Similarly, last year, PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the government over the claims of threat to personal user data privacy, and secondly due to the link of PUBG Mobile to China. But, soon after the ban, KRAFTON, the Korean parent company to PUBG Mobile developed another “Indian Specific” version of PUBG Mobile for the Indian players and named it BattleGrounds Mobile India,” which according to some trusted sources is going to release in India on June 18.

What Do You Think?

Getting your favorite game banned in the country feels like a nightmare, and many of you must have faced this for sure. PUBG Mobile is an ultra-popular game, but also highly controversial at the same time. There are several reasons that governments from different countries give to ban the game in their country. Do you think that games should be banned anytime based on baseless reasons such as “Promoting Violence,” “Too addictive in nature,” etc. or this is unfair, and there should be other solution(s) regarding such claims, apart from banning the game completely?

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