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PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download | PUBGM Lite Latest Version

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PUBG Mobile LITE is a successful version of PUBG Mobile, especially for low-mid-range Android smartphones. It offers the same gaming experience as its “older brother,” but takes up less space in the phone memory. PUBGM Lite has less visibility and fewer players at the same time. The PUBG Mobile Lite APK download link for latest version has been provided in this post, along with the details about other versions as well.

The PUBG Mobile LITE game is the same as other versions of this Battle Royale gaming franchise. Your goal is to survive under reduced conditions and be the last player to stand. It will not be easy. Fortunately, you have a lot of tools, vehicles, and other equipment in hand that can be used to fight your opponents, defeat them, and ultimately win the round.

This “light” version of PUBG Mobile allows up to 60 players to play games. Although it may seem flawed at first, this number is great for mobile devices. Because it allows you to experience faster and more frenetic games, which last for about thirty minutes, up to fifteen years.

PUBG Mobile LITE is a great game, a wonderful game that can transfer all the excitement of PUBG Mobile to low-end smartphones. We are talking about a game that offers you interesting battles, you can be with yourself or with your friends, anytime and anywhere.

Many of the apps we use on our smartphones are starting to get a little out of hand in terms of resource usage. In most cases, even medium devices cannot ask for a balloon in memory. This means that the proliferation of Lite applications these days (official and unofficial), all of which are configured to offer the same basic features as their main counterparts but reduce RAM usage and device space. Thus, PUBG Mobile Lite APK file is one which does not requires a power hungry configuration, and can run on almost every device.

Download PUBGM Lite APK | Latest Version

PUBG Mobile Lite APK, PUBGM Lite APK Download

The PUBG Mobile Lite APK Latest Version is 0.21.0 which is available to download using the direct APK file link, or through the Google Play Store. Any PUBG Mobile Lite player can download PUBGM Lite APK by following the steps given below:

Step 1 – Click on the PUBGM Lite Download button given below. The latest version APK file is around 600MB, so make sure that your phone has enough storage space for the download.

NOTE: Other than the direct link, players can also use the PUBG Mobile Lite Google Play Store Download link by clicking HERE.

Step 2 – Now, once the APK file is downloaded, go to your device settings and enable “Install from Unknown Sources” option.

Step 3 – After this, locate the APK file in your downloads folder, and tap on it to install the game.

Step 4 – Once the PUBGM Lite game is successfully installed on your device, you can tap on the game icon to run it.

Step 5 – Please note that during the very first start of the game, it will download some additional games files, and will restart once the download is finished. So you need to wait patiently until the internal files download is complete.

Step 6 – Now, after the game internal resources is downloaded, you can restart the game, and enjoy PUBGM Lite on your smartphone.

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Details

Package Namecom.tencent.iglite
OS CompatibilityAndroid

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Version List

It is very rare to have problems when the latest version of the application is installed on old smartphones. Sometimes newer versions of the application may not work with your device due to system incompatibility. Try using the old version of the app before solving the app builder problem. Now, check the version history of PUBG Mobile Lite APK listed below. Download PUBG Mobile LITE APK for Android.

PUBG Mobile Lite VersionRelease Date
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.21.0Apr 15th, 2021
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.20.0Nov 20th, 2020
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.19.0Sep 18th, 2020
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.18.0Jul 23th, 2020
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.17.0May 13th, 2020
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.16.0Mar 19th, 2020
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.15.0Dec 18th, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.14.6Oct 28th, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.14.0Aug 30th, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.12.0Jun 26th, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.10.0Jan 1st, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.9.0Oct 25th, 2018
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.5.1Sep 12th, 2018
PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.5.0Aug 9th, 2018

PUBG Mobile Lite Game | More Details

PUBG Mobile Lite APK, PUBGM Lite APK Download

PUBG Mobile Lite is a “toned” version of the popular Battle Royale game for Android devices. The Tencent Games program has taken the world by storm and has become popular among countries and continents. However, many users have reported crashes or lags on older Android devices. The company has released this version to meet the needs of people with fewer or cheaper smartphones. PUBG Mobile Lite comes with a few holes and works smoothly on all devices.

PUBG Mobile Lite, also known as PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile Lite, is based on the same game mechanics as the original version. The program replicates the environment, tools, maps, storyboards, problems, and more. Like other versions of the game, PUBG Android comes with a fast, powerful movement sequence.

The survival game comes with Player vs Player mode. Each round can be played by up to 100 players, who fight in a deathmatch to survive. The last player wins the round. PUBGMLite APK focuses on a strategic approach and offers an exciting, adventurous journey at every step. Compared to Garena Free Fire, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Mobile Legends Bang Bang, this gaming game is more fun, interesting and popular.

In the lighter version of the Android game, you can choose from two game modes, namely Arcade and Classic. While the former version can be used by 70 players at a time, the latter only supports the 60 players round. The classic version only works with one card. Also, there is no “Quick Chat” in the lighter version of the Battle Royale game.

The team did not change game control and mechanics. Therefore, you will see guns, cars, inventory as in the original game. However, PUBG Android Lite does not have the physics management features of the heavier version. Currently, the game provides only two servers, one in South America and Asia.

What makes PUBGM Lite different?

The developers have allowed some of PUBG Mobile Lite’s tools to run smoothly on lower-end or cheaper Android smartphones. The graphics and colors are similar to the earliest versions of the game to reduce the load on the OS. Thus, some areas, maps, characters, textures feel inferior. The “Settings” menu has also been changed and supports fewer languages including English, German, French, Spanish, etc. You will not be able to find weapons, crew, and clan. On the contrary, the game allows for inventory, level, and seasonal entry. Finally, PUBG does not support Mobile Lite Royal Pass. This gives the winners a pass and allows you to plunder.

Is PUBG Mobile Lite Game Worth It?

Compared to other Android games in this category, PUBGM Lite APK delivers high hopes for fans. While maintaining the speed sequence, interesting aspects, and other details, the inventors have tried to make the game work even better on low-end smartphones. An entertaining game that checks you out for an exciting round in an hour.

Since its release, PUBG Mobile Lite has been gaining popularity around the world. The game can be run on smartphones with 2 GB of RAM. With the help of multiple game modes, support for 70 players, and easy graphics, you should hope to have a good time with this game. Most importantly, when running this version of the game on a decent smartphone, you will not experience any unexpected lags or accidents.


All in all, PUBG Mobile Lite APK offers the same experience as the original version of the survival shooter game. This PUBGM Lite APK allows you to get rid of accidents, lags, slow speeds, and other problems. The basic mechanics are the same, and you can enjoy most of the elements that make PUBG popular among players around the world. Also, Indian players who want to access the PUBG Mobile Lite Official Website India can click on the link to visit the homepage of the website.

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