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BattleGrounds Mobile India Update | Release Date Decoded Once Again

BattleGrounds Mobile India Update, BGMI Update, BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date, PUBG Mobile India, BGMI Launch Date

BattleGrounds Mobile India India is about to launch. PUBG Mobile developer, KRAFTON has released a new teaser, which shows BattleGrounds Mobile India release date hint. According to the hint, the PUBG Mobile India alternative is expected to be released in India on June 18. Keep reading to find out why.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date Teased by KRAFTON

BattleGrounds Mobile India Update, BGMI Update, BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date, PUBG Mobile India, BGMI Launch Date

KRAFTON’s latest BattleGrounds Mobile India teaser post features a remade character as a “Thinker”. Online gaming demolished the teaser post and discovered that the thinker statue was built in 1880. Through this post, KRAFTON hinted at the launch of BattleGrounds Mobile India. The Twitter user believes the release date is set for June 18.

Krafton has not officially confirmed the release date. The company is launching a series of teases that showcase the launch date of BattleGrounds Mobile India on June 18. The game is rumored to be released in India on June 18.

Meanwhile, BattleGrounds Mobile India pre-registrations live in the country. Recently, KRAFTON reported that more than 20 million registrations had been made in the past two weeks. The pre-registration process is still live for those interested.

To pre-register for BattleGrounds Mobile India, search for a game on the Google Play Store. Then, click the “Pre-register” button. You can also install the game automatically after launching in the country. According to a recent report, the BattleGrounds Mobile India iOS app is also working.

Pre-registered users will receive special prizes for BattleGrounds Mobile India. The company has announced that BattleGrounds Mobile India will receive special prizes for pre-registered players. These include the Recon mask, the Recon outfit, the name of the Celebration Expert Title in BattleGrounds Mobile India, and the 300 AG. Only Indian players are eligible to receive the special pre-registration rewards of BattleGrounds Mobile India. Prior to its release, the company announced a set of restrictions for those under the age of 18. According to the privacy page on BattleGrounds Mobile India, users under the age of 18 will need parental permission before playing the game.


After banning PUBG Mobile India last year, game developer KRAFTON decided to release another version of the game for the country with a new avatar and a new name – Battleground Mobile India. Fans are excited about the release of PUBG’s new avatar BattleGrounds Mobile India. New updates are coming out every day about this game, and it has already been used for pre-registration in India. PUBG Mobile will now be called BattleGrounds Mobile India and users can pre-register by visiting the Google Play Store.

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