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BattleGrounds Mobile India New Teaser Shows PUBG Mobile UAZ Jeep, More Details

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BattleGrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of one of the most popular Battle Royale games, PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the government, and since then there have been rumors about the re-launch of the game. Now, after so many rumors, and fake news all over the internet, there has been confirmation about PUBG Mobile launch in India, as BattleGrounds Mobile India. KRAFTON confirmed that the BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date is approaching, and will be launch for both Android and iOS platforms at the same time. There have been multiple BGMI teasers released by KRAFTON, and in this article, we are going to talk about the latest teaser that has been released recently.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Latest Teaser Details

BattleGrounds Mobile India, BGMI Release Date, BGMI, BattleGrounds Mobile India Launch Date, BattleGrounds Mobile India Leak, PUBG Mobile India

The latest BGMI teaser titled “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA – Pre-Register Now” is uploaded on YouTube (that you can watch by clicking HERE) a few hours ago, and asks the BGMI fans to pre register for the game, if not done already. If you are a PUBG Mobile fan, then it is highly recommended for you to do the pre registration for BattleGrounds Mobile India. Doing so will also let you get free rewards in the game after its release in the country. For more details on BattleGrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Rewards check out this How to Get Celebration Expert Title and Free Recon Outfit in BattleGrounds Mobile India – BGMI

Now, talking about the latest BattleGrounds Mobile India teaser, the clip is 15 seconds long and shows the legendary all-terrain UAZ Jeep. The UAZ Jeep’s hood, front tires, and interior can be seen in the clip attached above. This confirms the inclusion of the UAZ Jeep in BattleGrounds Mobile India. The UAZ is a reliable, all-terrain vehicle capable of operating in any terrain you take that includes, flats, ridges, hills, and wherever you want to take it.

Also, apart from the latest teaser, you must know that BattleGrounds Mobile India has surpassed the 20 Million mark for pre registrations. Yesterday BattleGrounds Mobile India took shared a community post stating “20 Million Pre Registrations! 🎉 Thank You India for the tremendous love! ❤,” continuing the statement reminding users to pre register for the game to receive exciting rewards after the game is launched.


BattleGrounds Mobile India is part of an effort by KRAFTON, the Korean Video Game Company, and the developer of PUBG Mobile, to bring back PUBG Mobile in India for the fans after its ban last year. The company has actively worked and done everything to make the re-launch possible. From altering the privacy policy of the game to making cosmetic changes, and putting restrictions for the under-aged players in the country, continuously reminds everyone that BGMI has been made especially for India, and Indian users. Now, the only thing left is the final launch of BattleGrounds Mobile India in the country.

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