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BattleGrounds Mobile India Loading Screen Leaked? Is This How The Game is Going to Look Like?

BGMI, BattleGrounds Mobile India, BattleGrounds Mobile India Leaked Clip, BattleGrounds Mobile India Loading Screen, BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date

BattleGrounds Mobile India is the upcoming version of the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the Government over some privacy and data leak issues, and since then the game has been banned in the country. It has been quite a long time since that incident has happened, and now PUBG Mobile is making a comeback in India with a new avatar. The PUBG Mobile Indian version is known as BattleGrounds Mobile India or BGMI, whatever you like to call your favorite battle royale game. The pre-registration for BattleGrounds Mobile India has been live for the past couple of weeks, and whoever wants to get free pre registration rewards, can do the pre registration now. Although, recently a clip surfaced online showing the Loading screen of BattleGrounds Mobile India, and that is what we are going to talk about in this post.

Is this BattleGrounds Mobile India Loading Screen?

BGMI, BattleGrounds Mobile India, BattleGrounds Mobile India Leaked Clip, BattleGrounds Mobile India Loading Screen, BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date

A leaked BGMI Loading Screen Clip was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, and if you have not watched that clip yet, then you can search for it, and watch it on YouTube to have a better idea what we are talking about here in this post. Have a look at the screenshot above, taken from the leaked clip that claims to be of the upcoming BattleGrounds Mobile India game. Whoever recorded the clip can be seen opening BGMI from the Play Store “Play” button. Whereas, if you go and look into the BattleGrounds Mobile India page on the play store where anyone would usually find either the “Register,” or the “Unregister” button there, and nothing else. So this is where things start to look promising and make you think that the clip is real.

But, to your surprise, the Leaked BattleGrounds Mobile India Clip is completely fake and is the work of editing. How are we so sure? This is because if you look closely, the moment that person opens the play store and search for “BGMI,” there all the search results are displayed including the BattleGrounds Mobile India, and on the same screen if you look closely, you will notice a small “Registered” text below the title of the game, and the same thing can be seen if you search for the game on your phone. And if that game is available for that person to play, then there would be no “Registered” text (as shown in the screenshot above), and instead, there would just be the title of the game instead. Rest everything is fake and has been edited in such a way to make it look like that person is really playing the BattleGrounds Mobile India before anyone else. So, here you have it, the truth, that says the leaked BattleGrounds Mobile India clip is completely a prank, or whatever you may call it, and thus, not be believed.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date

BattleGrounds Mobile India release date is said to be June 18, 2021, and this is exactly 30 days after the pre registration for the game went live. So the chances for the release of the game on this day are strong. Also, if you have not done the pre registration from the game, then do it now to get your hands on the BattleGrounds Mobile India Pre Registration rewards.


The launch date for BattleGrounds Mobile India is approaching, and it is pretty obvious that PUBG Mobile players in India cannot keep their calm anymore. But, a few more days, and you will be rocking with your squad on the battlegrounds. Hope you have a great day.

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