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BattleGrounds Mobile India Game Launch Date Update

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BattleGrounds Mobile India Game Launch Date: The question that is being asked by almost every PUBG Mobile India fan nowadays is, “When will BattleGrounds Mobile India Launch?” And, honestly, no one knows the exact launch date for the game. KRAFTON, which is the developer of BGMI, has not made any official revelations about the launch date of the game. But, there have been a few leaks, and rumors pointing at one particular date on which the game could be released. In this post, we will discuss those rumors and leaks, and figure out when the game could launch in India, and make every Indian PUBG Mobile fan get to the battlegrounds and experience the trill back again.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Game Launch Date

KRAFTON is surely on to test the patience of PUBG Mobile India fans by not making any announcements regarding the launch date of BattleGrounds Mobile India. But, there have been several leaks, from different sources that point out a common launch date for the game, and that is June 18. Yes, 18 June 2021 is the date most talked about in all those rumors, and leaks, which suggests that the upcoming Battle Royale game could launch on this day. June 18, in India, is Friday, and might be KRAFTON is planning to launch the game on that day considering the weekend factor. But, as we have already told you that nothing can be taken for granted, and BattleGrounds Mobile India may or may not launch on this day.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Latest Official Update

BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date, BGMI

Just a few hours ago, BattleGrounds Mobile India took to YouTube to thank all the India PUBG Mobile fans for the love and support they are receiving for their latest offering to the community. They stated “Love for BATTLEGROUNDS. In a nutshell. ❤️ We are overwhelmed by the love you guys have shown us! ✨ Keep dropping the awesome comments! 💬”

They also posted a photo displaying some positive comments that they had received on some of their YouTube videos. All these comments are as follows:

India Ka BattleGrounds — by Villager Esports

Excitement Level = infinite — by Vaibhavraj Chouhan

This sound directly hits my soul, uhh! THOSE LATE NIGHT GAMINGS — by Bijoy Biswas

Andha Satham — by its.anassy

Boombam — by MortaL

That music gave me goosebumps — by Shashwat Sharma

Play play & repeat — by Rehan Tagale

Aaaayeeehhh — by Kaztro GAMING

Moj kardi BGMI ne Bhai Saahab — by Tushar Jori

And, KRAFTON posted all these comments under the title, “THANK YOU! KEEP THOSE COMMENTS POURING IN.”

Also they have used the pre register hashtags including, #PREREGISTERNOW, #PREREGISTERKIYAKYA to remind the player to pre register for BattleGrounds Mobile India who have not done this already. To all those who are not aware about the BattleGrounds Mobile India Pre Registration rewards, must know that player who will pre register for the game before its launch, will get exclusive welcome rewards including, Recon Outfit, Recon Mask, Celebration Expert Title, and 300AG.


BattleGrounds Mobile India or BGMI is sure going to be a super—duper hit in India after its launch, and the overwhelming response that the game gives an idea about how eagerly the PUBG Mobile Indian fans have been waiting for the launch of their favorite Battle Royale game.

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